Water as the universe
as both divine beauty and tumultuous chaos,
existent within us all
It binds and connects, weaving its tendrils in whichever crevice it flows upon

It is the tears that have shed
And the hands that have wrung those emotions dry
It is motion in flux, and never more present
It is anxious turbulence and exquisite bliss
It soothed my dried eyes when California scorched orange

What a dream that we are of water, need water, have water!
Like we are beings of evolution and growth, receptive to nourishment and care
Through water, one ripple will kiss the next
Symbiotically grazing an ecosystem

What a dream, to be so fluid, so gentle
That rigidity can still be cracked, and abundance planted

Welcome to the Divine Garden
Where perhaps you may take
A perspective of fragmented cynicism
Into abounding optimism