I am never alone when I am in nature. I see personalities filled with character and movement, as well as animate, emotional beings who I believe have achieved enlightenment through simply existing. I feel the energies of the beings around me, and I find a sense of community and comfort, knowing that I am an evolving spirit thriving off sunlight and water just like the cypress bowing beside me or the grove of ferns chatting by my feet. This is a collection created out of gratitude to the living world around us, and is intended as a visual meditation. Through portraying the intricate details and energetic presence of nature, and through depicting the way all life interconnects, I hope viewers will shift how they perceive the natural world, as well as consider how we might begin to see ourselves as part of the ecosystem, rather than separate from it - even and especially as we dive further into the digital realm.

This collection is minted as an NFT. Click here to view.

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