Parsons School of Design
Integrated Design Studio 4
Collab: Designing for Policy
Professor Andrew Shea
Team: Deveena Sood, Anshu Tukol, Royee Weng, Noah Zimny

Local Law 11: is designed to prevent any future injuries or deaths from pieces of building facades falling onto city streets. Under the law, building owners must hire a professional to inspect the facade every five years; inspectors then submit reports to the Department of Buildings.

In collaboration with The New School’s Milano School of Policy, Management and Environment, we were tasked with creating a design intervention that would build awareness around New York City’s Local Law 11. A policy requiring the frequent construction of scaffolding, we wondered how we might make scaffolding less of an impersonal experience to people who use it every day.

- Engaging local communities
- Spreading awareness around Local Law 11

We approached this question through first observing current attitudes, awarenesses towards, and relationships with scaffolding. Our qualitative research concluded that awareness and reactions towards scaffolding were minimal, with little to no regard towards its prevalent existence. Thus, our goals were to make scaffolding more noticeable by improving people’s experience of walking through it; to engage communities in embracing Local Law 11 by utilizing scaffolding as a medium of bringing communities together; and to visually make appaarent the diversity that exists in NYC.

The result was Rescaff: A non-profit that partners a local NYC artist with children (10-18 years old), from their community to transform a local sidewalk shed or scaffolding into a mural style installation that reflects their culture and neighbourhood.
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