3:10 min., Sound, 2017

Always curious about the identities of people I encounter in the streets of New York City and constantly wondering just how personas we see differ from their true identities, I designed a time-based mosaic comprised of the identities of those closest to me through the use of color and my perception of my friends’ auras. I depicted the contrast between the stoic faces they wear in public and the familiar faces that I recognize them with in private, and associataed these identities with a shade of color. It is often easy to overlook the humanity of each individual we see when constantly surrounded by excessive hoardes of others, but by presenting these portraits together, I hope to depict this occurrence as a way of remembering what lies behind the outer masks that we may or may not wear.

By...................Royee Weng
Featuring: Ish, Cecelia Bellows, Erez Putterman, Daniela Rodas, Grace Abbott, Karissa Munaf, Ashley Bohnaker, Dominic Gibson, Isaac Santa, Naho Hirohata, Malaika Wilson, Celine Zhang, Eliza Peppel, Mary Wedd, Col Noe, Tre McClendon, Grace Tarducci, Vedika Kushalappa, Brian Glaws Ashley Wargo

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