My work observes the beautiful and the grotesque that exists within humanity and in our natural or fabricated world. Influenced by Taoist philosophies regarding our relationship and experience within the natural world, as well as its outlook on the balance between the harmonious and the chaotic, my work also reflects my deep interest in people as both individuals and as communities. In the pursuit of simultaneously recognizing the diverse stories and cultures experienced across the globe, along with researching and understanding how and where differing perceptions defining our personal human experiences and motivations arise, I explore varying perspectives on the world through filmmaking and photography, while also integrating my practice in music, sound design, and visual design to immersively convey distinct narratives, energies, and emotions. With the goal of inciting visceral responses within my viewers, my work aims to elicit sensations ranging from grating discomfort or uneasiness to trance-like meditative states, in the hopes of imparting impressions such as empathy or bliss on the viewer.
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