Quarantine Quilt

Parsons School of Design
Integrated Design Studio 5
Collab: Designing for Policy <> Open Brief from UN
Professor Andrew Shea
Team: Royee Weng, Deveena Sood, Anshu Tukol

Covid-19 hit, and we responded to an open call to creatives placed by the UN:

“For the first time in its existence, the United Nations has turned towards designers and creatives for fresh and innovative ideas. In the fight against the corona pandemic, the WHO has issued an open brief to creatives, influencers, talent, networks and media owners. The brief is calling to help spread public health messages in order to flatten the curve. The call outlines the need for messaging to communities around the world that are not yet severely afflicted and who can still avoid or minimize a major outbreak.”

In response to the pandemic and the sudden and rapid daily changes to life, my team and I wanted to document this historical shift as it occurred. All of a sudden, as students were displaced from their college campuses and returning home to quarantine, the communities we were apart of were now disconnected. In an effort to drive empathy and visualize connectivity in a time of self-isolating uncertainty and confusion, we wondered how we might connect people from all over the world through stories of their quarantine experiences from a personal, cultural, and political perspective.

We designed and curated a ‘Time Capsule’ archive of digital postcards -- created from content we sourced from peers worldwide -- documenting how various countries dealt with the crisis around the world. We hoped to bring the human element to policy by seeing how travel bans, immigration policies, & health regulations impacted people. Using motion design as our medium, we created something dynamic during what felt like an otherwise stagnant time.

Process Deck Below

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