In the Garden

3:42 min., Sound, 2020

Like many others, I left New York City and returned to my parents’ home to quarantine at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything slowed down at once, and I was taken aback, as prior to that I had been moving non-stop for school and for work. Out of fear and worry towards the unpredictable future, I wrote the piano composition in this video as a form of escape. However, over the weeks, quarantine became an opportunity for reflection and change, and new habits and mindsets began to help instill a newfound sense of calm within all of the sudden chaos. This film is inspired by that period where I was afforded the time to pause and simply be in my surroundings.This is an "optically printed" film digitally created without the optical printer - a pivot from lack of analog equipment use during quarantine.

Directed & Composed by.........Royee Weng

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